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"Better one's own duty, bereft of merit, than another's well performed"

 (Bhagavad Gita)

Let's pause our fast-paced life for a moment and contemplate this wise statement ...

Can you recall the last time that your choice as to a major life decision was guided by your heart?

What do the important moments in your life look like? Who are the people who inspire you? Is it important for you to find meaning in what you do? What legacy do you wish to leave behind after you pass from this world?

These are meaningful questions that concern us all - For teens in formal educational settings and in the community, for young people at important life intersections and for anyone interested in the delicate balance of desire for personal development and self-realization in face of the constraints and stresses of daily life.

This is an invitation to step away from daily routine and expose yourself to surprising and fascinating insights into the world of research, to learn about applicable tools that encourage creative and innovative thinking. The "People" lectures and workshops marry the wisdom of past leaders and philosophers with insights and reinforcements of the meaning of our lives in the present era. "People" opens a window to beyond the boundaries of thought and inspires personal and social contemplation as to our place in the world as a lever for empowerment, action and fulfillment.

"People may think that engaging in career choice, our desire to influence, lead to change, or seek meaning are matters of the modern age. It is amazing to discover that past leaders and thinkers can equip us with much knowledge and useful means for answering these questions"

(Dr. Lilach Rivlin, researcher and founder of "People-Lectures and workshops")

About Us

Dr. Lilach Rivlin, founder of "People – Lectures & Workshops"

"Besides my natural tendency to be practical, I was curious and attracted to spirituality. I usually liked what I did, but in this fast-paced life I often wondered what would lead me to once again find interest each and every morning? What values really matter to me? How can I shape my life, so it becomes the realization of my ideas?"

Delving into these personal questions has led to academic study. In recent years, Lilach has been researching issues related to the formation of professional identity, belonging and calling inspired by the story of Mahatma Gandhi's life and teachings. Her research presents an interpretive perspective on this complicated issue and includes a fascinating intersection of the spiritual world and the social realm. Drawing connections between the past, based on the thinking and work of Mahatma Gandhi, and the knowledge and perceptions prevalent in our times is not only intriguing, but Gandhi's teachings and messages ring surprisingly relevant today. The idea of founding "People" was driven by a wish to share knowledge and pass it on, to provide a platform that would be devoted exclusively to lectures and workshops focused on the winning combination of recognizing the importance of prominent past events and figures, and their messages, as a basis for present and future growth. This is an invitation to a refreshing and innovative encounter combining multidisciplinary knowledge with in-depth contemplation thereby enabling examination of our world in a different light and with different colors.

Lilach began her professional career as a social worker; working in a therapeutic profession based on social values, doing for others and striving to influence and lead people and communities to change. The more she advanced in her professional positions the more she found interest in the managerial and organizational aspects of each role. In the past twenty years, she has worked for companies in Israel and abroad in management positions that always included direct interaction with people.


Dr. Lilach Rivlin researches issues related to the formation of professional identity, belonging and calling inspired by the story of Mahatma Gandhi's life and teachings.

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